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Welcome To Cornerstone Youth Services

Our Philosophy
We Believe in Education. We Believe in Family. We Believe in the Community. We Believe that you need all of the above in place to make the most positive impact in the lives of today's youth. We believe that WE CAN DO IT. We design a structured program for children ages 5-17. Our Mental Health Support Services program begins at 18 years old and assists the adult client with functional living skills and daily living activities. Our services can last 3 to 6 months. The CYS program focuses on breaking the cycle of repetitive negative behaviors. We place a strong emphasis on modeling positive behaviors, and building the necessary skills that lead to a more productive lifestyle.

Our Mission
We strive to improve the environment by educating and strengthening the family structure. This will ensure growth and positive change in the families mind set and promote positive self-esteem and continued success.

Mailing Address
3117 West Clay Street
Richmond, VA 23230